Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Drawings of a 2-3 Year Old

I love to watch my girl draw.  It's simply too adorable watching her focus while creating an image and her (and me too) beaming with pride when she manages to draw something new.

I must say she's not a big fan of drawing though.  Drawings are ad-hoc spur-of-a-moment activities for her.   She wouldn't draw if I asked her to draw something just to show me.   It doesn't work that way.  I don't know if she does not have much interest in drawing in general, or if it's the perfectionist streak in her - she doesn't like to do things unless she's confident of doing them well.

This is one of her first 'legible' drawing - there's a yellow sun, with green grass all over.

Sun and Grass @ 21+ months (Drawn with finger on ipad)

I showed her how to draw a stick man here (left). She was surprisingly co-operative and managed to draw one herself (right) too!

Copied a stick man @ 23+ months

Another stick man drawn a few days later.
Stick man with eyebrows @ 23+ months

This stick man with hair was drawn a few months later - she said it's her daddy!
Stick man with hair @ 27+ months

Managed to draw 2 cherries!

Cherries @ 29+ months

This is a smiling apple with a body!

Apple with body @ 31 months

She impressed me when she started drawing cats.  She could not draw the ears initially and I helped her with those. 
Cat (excluding ears) @ 32 months

Cat with black iris (excluding ears) @ 32+ months

There was a period that she was really into Carebears so we drew a Carebear!  This was drawn by her with some verbal instructions from me (e.g. draw a round snout, some dot dot freckles etc)  and we were looking at a stuffed Carebear while drawing.  It was really cute. She only drew this once ever.

Carebear @ 33+ months

She managed to copy a simple picture of a ladybug.

Copied a ladybug @ 34+ months

She drew 3 hearts - one for daddy, one for mommy and one for herself. How sweet!  This was after she figured out how to write the number '3'.  She would write a horizontal '3' first, then join the two ends to make a heart.  Really ingenious! 

Hearts @ 34+ months

She came home from school one day and drew this cat, complete with the ears. It was just a few days before her 3rd birthday.  She said her teacher taught her. Prior to this, she refused to try drawing the ears herself when I tried to teach her. Well well. The same day, she drew a girl with a ponytail and a cute rabbit! Seemed to me she's happy with her new found skill of drawing an inverted 'U'.

Cat with ears @ 36 months

Rabbit @ 36 months

Girl with ponytail @ 36 months

And here's Mr Lion!

Lion @ 36+ months
And this is her latest drawing...

Cross section of a papaya with seeds @ 37 months

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